TUcero7 Initiative

Thank you for continuing to read about TUcero7, the initiative to help support social development projects through Itinerarius. With each purchase made on the platform, financial support goes to initiatives helping to recover and refresh depopulated spaces in Spain.

Itinerarius contributes 0.7% of its annual net income to promote concrete initiatives that help grow support for entrepreneurs, social unification and an education for sustainable development as tools to help put a stop to rural flight & depopulation.

In the hands of expert associations and foundations and a presence in depopulated territories across Spain, the TUcero7 initiative promotes projects that are committed to developing long-term intervention solutions. With previous analysis and a system of constant evaluation that allows for constant assessment of the standards to which objectives are met.

Our first collaboration agreement is to be signed in November 2019 with the Paisaje foundation, promoters and managers of protection projects, as well as landscape planning that yields tools and interventions to help put the brakes on depopulation of rural areas.

The founders of the platform have bet on the success of microenterprises and SMEs across all provinces and the leisure activities they have to offer. This culminates in a number of small scattered efforts at invigorating territories becoming a large-scale propagation opportunity for growth and prosperity. Therefore, Itinerarius publish vendors activities to get closer to all final clients aspirations. Itinerarius objectives:

  • TUcero7 is our social initiative

  • Together with expert associations and foundations, we will lend a hand

  • We bet on microenterprises and SMEs

  • Every purchase counts, thank you for your contribution!

  • If you’d like to take part in this initiative, get in contact with us at [email protected]