What does it take to be a good traveler? And to enjoy a good walk in the middle of nature? Well, not much more than two good legs and a willingness to have a good time.

There are many tourists who visit our country every year; this, because of the situation, much less. But most of them come with tourist “packages” already assembled, with accommodation and activities booked in advance, and so, generally, you don’t give much way to see something that surprises you. The one who goes to Barcelona will see the Sagrada Familia, walk along the Ramblas and be amazed by the sculptures that Gaudí conceived of the Park Goell. A little beach and fresh beer, and we have a great cocktail for those visiting the Catalan capital. Something similar will happen in Madrid, only, as the song says, “there is no beach here”. And if we go to the Balearic Islands or the Costa del Sol we are already having enough cultural aspects: with the terrace and the jug of cold beer, and good food, we are well served. And look, nothing to object to, more than respectable that that is the majority model of the tourist who visits our latitudes, especially the middle-aged and the retired.

But there is certainly another Spain, very beautiful and much more unknown, that usually goes off the typical tourist circuit, and that also, in many cases, is not far from the big cities. This is the case of the so-called “Ruta de las Caras”, in Buendía, province of Cuenca. It is not far from Madrid, about less than two hours by road on the A3 (or taking A2 and the N-320). The route is very short, about two kilometers, and therefore it is perfectly indicated to make it as a family and that the little ones can also enjoy a day in nature. It doesn’t take more than half an hour to make it walk at a normal pace, but the charm resides, in addition to the site itself, on the faces sculpted along the way by the artists Jorge Maldonado and Eulogio Reguillo, a project that began in 1992. This is possible because of the type of land that abounds in the area, very malleable and therefore perfect to be able to make these sculptures, with very different sizes, from 70 centimeters to one more than 4 meters high.

Thus, over about two kilometers, we find a walk that brings together nature and art, so that they can enjoy equally “big and small”. Among the sculptures we find Maitreya, a figure fundamental to Buddhism after Buddha, the Witch Spiral, Death, the Shaman and so many other sculptures, up to a total of 18, made both on land and on dry trunks of trees already lifeless.

At the end of the road comes the last surprise of this charming walk, a swamp of turquoise blue waters, quite cold temperature but, being in summer, perfect to soak at least the feet and enjoy the end of an ideal route to make it with friends, with family, to take children and adults for the unre demanding of the terrain, and accompany you with your pets , who will have a great time as well.

The most normal and close way to take a wild hike in Madrid is to go to the Sierra de Guadarrama, but having a vehicle, the chances of seeing curious places and not far from the capital are immense. Since Itinerarius.com we recommend this beautiful and short route and encourage you to discover other little-known sites of the national geography, trying to respect the hygiene and distance measures that are now more than ever so necessary to enjoy this type of activities in nature with safety and total confidence. Spain is a country with wonderful and little-known places in nature, and if there is time it is worth trying to discover them.

Source: pieypata.com